Community Association Law

Most homeowners in Florida live in condominiums, cooperatives, or subdivisions—all of which are governed by community associations.   The residents of these communities who serve on the boards of these associations must navigate a wide variety of complex and challenging federal, state, and local laws as well as documents that specifically apply to their community.

Board members must assemble and utilize a knowledgeable team of professionals to assist them in fulfilling their responsibilities to all of the homeowners in the community and a well-trained and qualified attorney with experience in dealing with the many issues facing community associations should be part of that team.

Our firm represents condominium, cooperative and homeowners’ associations throughout Florida and assists these associations in many aspects of the successful operation of the communities, including:

  • Real Estate sales and other transfers of ownership interests
  • Properly noticing and running board, membership and committee meetings
  • Complying with the procedures and requirements for elections, budgets and reserves
  • Obtaining and preserving the “55 and over” exemption 
  • Properly responding to requests for assistance animals and other reasonable accommodations
  • Complying with homeowner inquiries and requests to inspect and copy records
  • Assisting with responses to complaints from residents 
  • Dealing with federal, state and local enforcement agencies
  • Collecting fees and assessments and enforcing community rules

We would look forward to the opportunity to work with your community.

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